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Who Is Applied?

The patient should have mild, moderate or severe erectile problems.

Difference from Other Methods

There are many treatment alternatives in the treatment of impotence. You can read from different treatments.

Side effects

No known adverse side effects associated with the procedure were reported in the shock seal.

Where is it done?

Shock wave can be applied easily in the examination room under policlinic conditions

How many sessions are needed?

Depending on the weight of the disease, 6 sessions, 12 sessions and 24 sessions if necessary.


Shock Wave Therapy

Firstly, the source of the problem is investigated in patients with erectile dysfunction. Shock wave therapy is applied to the appropriate ones. Shock waves are given in sessions with the ESL device. The duration of shock wave therapy required for each patient is different.

Low intensity waves focusing on the region during treatment are given by the ESL device. Waves are applied in periods of short intervals between them. Elevated intensity shock waves are a medicine method used to break kidney stones. Low intensity waves are wavelengths that the patient cannot feel almost.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a shock wave therapy that helps in the development of new vein formation and existing existing veins in the penis and eliminates the problem of hardening.

Men who have hardening problems cannot live their sexuality as they wish. This can lead to significant problems for both themselves and their partners. Hardening problems with early treatment can be eliminated. Shock wave therapy is one of the recommended methods in patients who experience this problem and want a quick solution. Moreover, shock wave therapy is suitable for the majority of patients. Because there is no supplement or medication given to the patient from the outside. Shock waves are effective only in the penis area. It has no contact with other organs or tissues. Patients do not feel pain during the procedure.

The majority of men with erectile dysfunction experience fear of suffering during treatment. The number of patients who refuse the treatment with this fear is not to be underestimated. However, with low-intensity shock wave therapy, the patient does not feel pain during the procedure. In addition, local or general anesthesia is not required. Since this treatment is done without any medication, there is no side effect. The patient does not need to be hospitalized. The patient will be treated in a short time and can do their daily work on the same day. Multiple sessions can be performed if the first session fails.

Low intensity shock waves are given to the penis at regular intervals. Reduced shock waves with ESL device create a small damage within the penis. As the tissues and veins will renew itself after the treatment, the erection problem is eliminated. The number of sessions is determined by the patient. If the problem recurs in the future, shock wave therapy can be re-applied.

Patients who have erectile problems with shock waves regain their former sexual function without the need for additional medication. This method of treatment has become more and more popular with the success it has achieved in recent years. The success rate is higher when applied at an early stage. Therefore, it is recommended that men who have hardening problems should start treatment without delay.



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